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We hope that no one is surprised to learn that consumers turn first to the Internet when researching a potential purchase. Studies show that at least 90 percent of consumers go to the web before going to the mall or the new car dealer or before calling the pool builder. And dealers – your current ones and your prospective ones – also turn to the web. They are researching your products, as well as your service and support. They are looking for a manufacturer that not only makes the best product, but that has a consumer following and delivers the service and support that makes their work easier.

"The Web" is not just your website anymore. It's what your collective web presence says about you. Will homeowners hear good things about you from their friends on Facebook? Do your photos go viral on Pinterest? Does your company trend on Twitter? Can dealers access support materials on their iPads or smart phones? Do you provide them with the tools that give them the edge over their competition?

Your dealers need your help to connect with the new, web-savvy, constantly connected pool and spa consumer. Let's face it: the majority of pool and spa dealers just don't have the time or resources to be expert marketers. By creating a full line of interactive, easy-to-use tools, you empower your dealers to sell your product efficiently and effectively. Small Screen Producer can make your digital assets the "secret weapon" that drives consumers to ask for your brand and makes dealers stand in line to carry your products.

Small Screen Producer has been on the front lines with your dealers, and we know that they are asking for the mobile tools that we create. Our virtual showroom assets include product comparison tools, demonstration videos, interactive samples and custom apps. These web-based tools enable you and your dealers to make sales anywhere and everywhere. When end users arrive at your website (perhaps via a Facebook link) they will find the interactive experience that confirms your brand is the one they want. From your site they can contact you (customer-initiated marketing lead) or a local dealer to move forward.
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